Introduction to My Plans for Fall River

When I first made the decision to run for Mayor it was difficult, then I thought about how much this city has changed in my 16 years as a City Councilor, and in a lifetime spent living in Fall River. I realized that life experience brings with it the benefit of perspective. For too long we have tried grandiose plans and quick fixes. But we need to build this city back up brick by brick. The foundation of a new Fall River is its people, the only back is with its people, and they are the mortar that will hold the foundation of our city together.

I will share my plan to return the quality of life we once had, to bring back jobs, to control our uncontrolled spending, and most of all to make citizens and taxpayers a priority again.

I will offer solutions not promises! I will listen to the people of this city. I have learned much from my successes, but even more from my failures. Show me someone who has never made a mistake and I will show you someone who has never dared to dream!

The only promise I will make is to work tirelessly as your Mayor; I will listen to all of our citizens, all our businesses. I will have only one priority, the people of Fall River!

Every decision will be made with only one consideration…WHAT IS BEST FOR FALL RIVER!

I will be your Mayor, a Mayor that knows that no individual has all the answers, when we work together as a community, as a family, we will find the answers we need to return Fall River’s quality of life and our community pride.

I respectfully ask for your vote to allow me to bring experience back, to bring leadership back, and to bring you back into deciding our future!

I’m Linda Pereira and I am Ready to Lead!


 Dear Friends,

It was more than a few years ago, that alongside many of you, I began working for a better Fall River. Together we have had several accomplishments. Because together we can accomplish more!

However, recently I have heard frustration in the streets. I have seen the failures in communication which lead to lack of trust. We are in a division that will leave this city paralyzed to progress if we do not change it!

My experiences put me in a great position to lead Fall River. You see, I’m not just a lifetime resident. I’m also a property owner, former small business owner, former teacher, retired criminal investigator/ human service worker, mother and grandmother.  I can relate to and understand the concerns of so many of you. I hear what you’re saying and I have always advocated passionately on your behalf.

But there comes a point when you realize that where you’re standing may no longer be the best place to make change. My 16 years of service to the Fall River City Council has been challenging, rewarding and humbling. I have and will continue to cherish every day I am honored to serve the amazing people of this great city.

With that being said, after long consideration, I have decided to officially become a candidate for Mayor of Fall River! I would be honored to continue my service and I respectfully ask for your vote on September 12, 2017.

It’s Time for leadership that listens!

It’s Time for communication that brings community together!

And with your help, It’s Time to bring Fall River back to a place we are ALL proud to call home!

It’s Time!

My sincerest well wishes to you and your families,