Drug Epidemic

Linda will aggressively attack the plague that has swept our nation, and enveloped our city!

Linda will make the City of Fall River the most unfriendly place in the Commonwealth to be a drug dealer. She will use every law enforcement resource to aggressively find and arrest anyone who deals drugs in our community. She will work with the District Attorney and our state delegation to fast track prosecution of drug crime. We must hold those who distribute sickness and death to our community accountable! Some may feel it’s a never ending battle. Linda feels it’s a battle we must fight and win. With commitment and community involvement we can turn our city into a place that drug traffickers and dealers avoid.

Linda will oppose any expansion of treatment facilities in Fall River! It is time the Commonwealth required every community to have a facility either in their city or town or within their geographical region. Linda will work with our state delegation to insure that this will be addressed by the state legislature. We will take care of our people; other communities should be responsible to provide care for their citizens. It is a state wide problem; it is only fair we have state wide treatment available!

Fall River must show compassion for those who seek treatment. We must work together to provide all the support we can for anyone who wants to recover. Linda will be proactive in bringing together the city’s treatment facilities to share ideas and information. Linda will insure the Board of Health has a member who has an extensive background in all phases of prevention and treatment of opioid addiction. Linda will be the facilitator of a cooperative effort between providers and the city. Linda will establish communication between providers and the city’s Board of Health. The result will be a coordinated and unified approach in the fight against addiction. While we are not in the treatment business, we as a community, have the moral obligation to be part of the solution.

This multi-level approach of law enforcement, stopping expansion within our city, and creating a partnership between the city and its treatment providers will be the first comprehensive approach ever established in Fall River. We must take individual and collective responsibility for how we win this war. We have a choice; pull down the shades and hide, or come together as a city and fight against this epidemic!