Economic Development & Jobs

Linda believes that the foundation of any economy is putting people to work. Men and women with a job and a paycheck are the fuel of a community’s economic engine. Small Business is the glue that keeps the economy of communities like Fall River together.

The lynch pin of Linda’s plan to revitalize Fall River is putting people back to work, and working with our business community. Attracting new businesses and jobs into Fall River will always be a priority. However, keeping existing businesses alive and growing is a factor that has been given far too little attention. Watching businesses leave, taking with them jobs and adding to our unemployment rate, is unacceptable.

Linda’s solution is to provide our workforce with the basic tools to find and keep good jobs. There are six million jobs available in the United States that are unfilled because the workforce does not have the training and skills necessary to fill them. Linda will work with employers to establish apprenticeship programs, work study programs, and partnerships with businesses to provide our workforce the skills necessary to enter the current job market.

There are estimates that as many as 47% of the low skill jobs will be done by robotics within twenty years. Add this projection to the fact that most of the remaining low skill jobs have been exported to foreign countries. It becomes clear the only way to put Fall River back to work is to provide them with the basic training and skills to find work in today’s job market. Linda will negotiate   training programs and hiring requirements with companies who want tax incentives. It is only fair that a company benefiting from a tax incentive provide our residents with the training they need to fill more than just low wage, easily lost positions.

Having a workforce that is prepared will encourage employers to come to Fall River and stay. Having apprenticeship programs and partnerships that work will create a labor force that can be aggressively be marketed and showcased to businesses. A trained workforce and our willingness to work together with local businesses is the key to economic stability and growth.

Linda will rebuild our economy’s foundation from the ground up, brick by brick! That foundation will be built by bringing labor, business, community and city government together, all with one goal, to put Fall River back to work! It will not be easy, it will not happen overnight, but with commitment and hard work we will make it happen. Linda has the blue prints and she’s ready to rebuild our economic foundation!