As a former teacher Linda knows education is the future of Fall River. Giving our next generation the tools to succeed in life is critical to putting our city on an upward trajectory. Graduating students prepared to transition into higher education, or a job market that increasingly demands greater skills and training is essential for their future success.

Linda knows that it’s not how much money you spend on education; it’s HOW you spend your money on education! Linda will institute priority spending, bringing the emphasis back to the classroom where learning takes place.

Linda will maximizing learning time in the classroom by giving teachers the paraprofessional support needed to allow the focus to be on teaching. Lack of support in our classrooms has forced teachers to stop teaching to deal with behavioral issues, which reduces learning time. Interruptions that reduce learning time interfere with the continuity and effectiveness of the learning environment. Every minute of learning time lost can never be recovered!

Linda will also address reintegrating outreach programs that have been outsourced. These outreach programs are critical in providing educational continuity. The present system is a bridge broken between outside agencies and the classroom, which inhibits the coordination between class room and outreach. Linda will establish a centralized and standardized protocol between all agencies for maximum effectiveness and interaction. This will insure that all students have a comprehensive and coordinated program in both school and outreach programs.

Linda will advocate behavior modification programs such as “Stop Light” and alternative programs to engage our students in social skills building and interaction with the educational system in a positive environment. Linda knows the importance of making the student’s class room environment as productive and positive as possible, and as a former social worker Linda also understands how important coordinated outreach and after school programs are to students, especially those at risk. Our children are the future of Fall River we must provide them with every opportunity to succeed! Linda will take her real life experience and use it to make the right choices for Fall River’s educational system.

Linda will show that WHERE we spend our money is far more important than HOW MUCH we spend! Linda clearly is the candidate ready to lead our School Committee and our City!