Public Safety

Linda will insure Police and Fire have the necessary staffing and equipment to protect our citizen’s safety. No longer will cuts in public safety be used as a threat to increase taxes and fees. Instead Linda will prioritize staffing and maintenance of equipment and buildings.

Linda will implement a program to replace vehicles on a regular basis, rather than wait until our equipment is obsolete or unusable. Never again will we have to bond for an entire fleet and add greater debt to the taxpayer. Year end surplus money will be reinvested into the Police and Fire Departments not turned into general fund. Which can then be used for stipends and pay raises. Every grant opportunity for equipment will be aggressively pursued to supplement and enhance our city’s commitment to maintaining and replacing vehicles. We must invest in our Police and Fire Departments by providing them the tools needed to protect our lives and property as safely as possible.

Linda will insure that our dependency on grants to maintain staffing levels is replaced by city funding that can sustain safe staffing levels. Grants will be used to supplement, not maintain. The time of public safety staffing being dependent on grants will be gone. And, the time of threatened reductions because of lost grants will be a thing of the past. Linda will make sure the first place our tax dollars are committed is public safety. We will transition from a grant dependent city to a city fully committed to funding its public safety.