Trash Options

The infamous “Purple” Bags” have been a problem since the beginning of the pay-as-you-throw program. Now we are ‘locked’ into a ten year trash pickup plan that could cost us millions and a recycle pilot plan that has recently been placed on hold. The cost to the taxpayers and citizens of Fall River has never been accurately calculated and no comprehensive plan to eliminate the trash problem once and for all has ever been proposed.

Linda will put our trash problem behind us, from “purple bags” to trash and recycling. All facets of trash pickup will be examined for cost effectiveness and viability. The people will be involved every step of the way unlike the process or lack of process that got us to this point.

All options for trash and recycling will be examined, there are numerous methods being used throughout the Commonwealth. One size does not fit all; we have to find a solution that will provide Fall River with the lowest cost and most effective method for our city.

Linda’s solution will include the citizens and taxpayers in the process. All options will be presented and discussed at public meetings before a final decision is made. The process will be transparent and provide a clear picture of the costs and details of every option. Purple bags have proven an ineffective source of revenue which still must be addressed, since that revenue remains in the budget. Overall cost savings realized by a total overhaul of the present system could result in cost savings that will allow the elimination of purple bags.

The elimination of long term contracts for trash removal such as the ten year agreement presently in place will result in cost reductions. Competitive bidding for three to five year maximum contracts will allow us to get the best bang for our buck! Performance requirements for renewals will insure quality service and competitive pricing. The same in depth transparent approach will be used to insure our recycling program  is the most efficient and cost effective available.

Linda will put the trash problem behind us, once and for all. There is no need to reinvent the wheel; most communities have effective trash removal programs. Taking the time to insure our money is spent wisely, taking the time to enter into contracts that protect the city, taking the time to include the people in the process, and taking the time to get it right before we go ahead-will dump our trash problems for good!